Cleaning Services: client testimonials

Tyne cleaning services have consistently given me a quality clean I never knew existed, they are truly the Rolls Royce of the cleaning industry.
YY Estates

Having been in the property business many years, I can say I have been through many cleaning companies who promise the world and then fail to provide a satisfactory service. Finally I have found the ultimate cleaning service who I can hand on heart recommend to anyone out there looking for a premium commercial cleaning company. Thank you.
Sheldon, Hallwood Ltd

I was paying a substantial amount to have my Industrial estate cleaned on a weekly basis, and I was not getting value for money, Tyne cleaning services came highly recommended and after using them for 18 months and never being let down I have now made them my sole contractor for anything cleaning related. When the management asked me if there was any way they could improve their services all I could say is one word “no”.
Charles, CY Properties Managements Ltd

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